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Naumachos 82 Classic

Naumachos 82

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Title: Naumachos 82
Magazine: Yacht Design
Issue: 4
Year: 2006
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Many boats are created to satisfy a wish. Some yachts are destined to become new stars in the nautical galaxy, while others are created to satisfy market demand. The project Naumachos 82, however, was created in a unique way: the result of a bet. Today the explorer vessel is in an advanced phase of construction on the slips at the Cantiere Navale di Pesaro. And soon she will have sisterships; one of the first will be 115 feet in length and is due to be launched in 2007.

Stefano Faggioni - Internal and external styling

My part in the Naumachos adventure began with a telephone call from the engineer asking me to become involved with a project that was a far cry from restoring classic yachts which is what I had been doing for the past few years. This was a chance to escape the world of the past and all the research and maniacal attention to detail that it necessitates. In certain aspects Naumachos, thanks also to the input of Stefano Carletti, harks back to the original traditions of sailing. A strong boat required by those who know and love the sea and who intend to return there with a boat that can explore any area and allow activities such as deep sea diving. Naumachos is a true exploration vessel but with the comfort of a yacht.
Around this idea of a house in motion that can take on any aspect of the sea, was created a boat that can tackle the sea at its most extreme and can undertake long ocean voyages. The idea was of a floating rock, at ease in even the harshest conditions and a boat that cares little for the affectations of the pleasure yacht. The aim was to perfect the stout form of the working boat by balancing the volume and finding a new equilibrium, even using a bit of subterfuge, like making the saddle tank a characteristic of the profile.
The external areas, spread over several levels, are spacious and very comfortable: a large dining area on the main deck, free space on the bridge deck that can take two exercise bikes, sun loungers on the flybridge and behind the wheelhouse. The classic style chosen for the interior is in line with the true seafaring spirit that is at the heart of the project. The vertical and horizontal panelling, which are particularly complex in the exemplary Pesaro design reate a timeless atmosphere which looks to the past but is based in the future with an audacious choice of finishing colours and contrasting light and dark of the oak and weng? woods.
Fundamentally the experience gained on working with sailing boats where you are always struggling to gain centimetres proved invaluable; and so in Naumachos the interior has the benefit of such experience in creating space, particularly given the yachts ability to be used as a floating home all months of the year.
The exercise was particularly stimulating as it was even possible to create spaces for books; there is a writing and reading corner in the saloon and even in the bathroom there are spaces for placing your books for private reading. The interior is in oak, a wood with a great seafaring tradition, but here it is not used as the main d?cor but as a sort of wrapping for the interior.
This is a bit like the house of an explorer with unique pieces from places visited, like a dining table created from the door of a 19th Century Tibetan monastery or the Chinese trunk in the VIP cabin. Aboard, even olfactory considerations are taken into account, starting from the choice of oak which releases a slight scent giving the boat a timeless quality. To contrast, there is a more strongly perfumed cedar which is used for cupboards, wardrobes and lockers. This use of woods is by design and is intended to give a Proustian effect whereby the scent of the wood will immediately spark memories of the time spent at sea.
In the wheelhouse, densely packed with instruments, the true intentions of the owner can be seen. This 24-metre will not just be undertaking seasonal cruises but to enrich a small slice of life lived away from land.

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