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Studio Faggioni Yacht Design

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Title: Studio Faggioni Yacht Design
Magazine: MCM
Issue: 87
Year: 2010
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Studio Faggioni Yacht Design deals in a trade that has its roots in the tradition of the shipwrights of the Gulf La Spezia, the perfect style of shipbuilding activities since ancient times.
The experience of Ugo Faggioni, a naval designer known in the sector for over 40 years, has been handed down to his son Stefano, who with the family and other assistants carries through numerous projects for new constructions, interior design and the restoration of classic vessels. In this latter sector, Studio Faggioni is a leader in the design of all aspects relating to the retrieval of antique vessels, comprising the rehabilitation of the original atmosphere and appearance. For Studio Faggioni design is a question of equilibrium, and the project is based on the period of construction, the place, the designer, the commissioner and the present ship owner. Restoration is carried out with the same perfection in the tiniest details that characterised the Italian shipbuilding industry in the golden years when it produced the finest liners in the world, when the only working brief was the quest for excellence.
The boat, a genuine work of art, was conceived to sail, a living creature like the passengers that inhabit it, and for them its antique charm must be preserved without distorting its essence, while satisfying the request of space, comfort and safety.
In this way many old vessels have returned to ride the waves: the 1930 FCY Marlin that belonged to J.F. Kennedy, Lulworth, the1920 big class gaff cutter which restoration won the World Superyacht Award in 2007 and the Belle Classe in 2006; La Spina, the first 12-metre class built in Italy in 1929 by Cantieri Baglietto in which the original twelve metre sail plan and the appearance of the deck have been restored and the original interiors recuperated; the museum restoration off the 1880's vessel named Il Leone di Caprera, completed in June 2009 and sponsored by Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage, with Stefano Faggioni chairing the restoration committee for the ARIE association.
In 2009 Studio Faggioni finalised a project for the former presidential ship, the 1930 USS Williamsburg that belonged to both Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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