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Classic Boat October 2020

On October 2020 issue of Classic Boat magazine, article dedicated to Studio Fagg... »» Read More

Faggioni in mostra a Palazzo Spinola

Studio Faggioni's drawings made for the restoration design project of the first ... »» Read More

Varato il G10 di ACL Aprea

Launched the motor boat named G10 built in wood in series by ACL Aprea Shipyard ... »» Read More

@studiofaggioni approda su Instagram

After many years, at last we landed in the Instagram world. Our account is @stud... »» Read More

Societ Italiana di Design

Bespoke Design for Nautical Heritage. Dialogs and technical considerations with ... »» Read More

Studio Faggioni su Nave Vespucci

From June 2015 to March 2016, Studio Faggioni Yacht Design is committed on masti... »» Read More

Tavola Rotonda a Palma de Mallorca

Moderated by the Club de Mar Mallorca sports adviser the Olympic medalist, There... »» Read More

Restauro Brigantino dell'Accademia di Livorno

After one and a half year of restoration work, the training Brigantine Alfredo C... »» Read More

Progetto allestimento Mostra a Gaeta

In occasione dello Yacht Med Festival 2015, si è celebrata a Gaeta la prima gio... »» Read More

Laurea Honoris Causa a Stefano Faggioni

On the occasion of the tenth year of the founding of the inter-university progra... »» Read More

Tra Legno e Acqua 2015

Intervention of Stefano Faggioni, Guido Tommasi and Sandro Pezzini for the resto... »» Read More

Conferenza a Monforte de Lemos (Galizia)

Another European Sailing Fraternity (ESF) Conference took place about the Resto... »» Read More

Intervento al Convegno Nazionale Cultura Navale

Italian National Meeting: "Naval and Maritime Culture. A heritage to preserve an... »» Read More

New life for Williamsburg?

Williamsburg, the only former U.S. Presidential yacht that has yet to be restore... »» Read More

Joyette in restauro

The gorgeous yacht Joyette, the 1907 Camper & Nicholson, has finally arrived at ... »» Read More

Intervista a Radio Montecarlo

Stefano Faggioni interviewed on Radio MonteCarlo by Maurizio Di Maggio about cla... »» Read More

Britannia on Kickstarter

The Britannia Team is currently raising funds for Britannia's interior design an... »» Read More


The 8 metre-class Bamba (Baglietto 1927) is at work at Pezzini Shipyard in Viare... »» Read More


At the South Boats in East Cowes process proceeds for the replica ot the Royal C... »» Read More